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Author : Guillermo Ramallo

Accelerate Your Career in 2024 Simplify Certification Renewal with On-Demand VMware Courses

In a world where professional development moves at lightning speed, staying current with your certifications can feel like a daunting task. But what if we told you that renewing your credentials for 2024 could be as comfortable and straightforward as enjoying your favorite coffee from your cozy nook? Dive into our post on simplifying the certification renewal process with on-demand courses. Discover a path that eschews the stress of traditional exams for a more personal and engaging learning experience.
Renew your VMware certification fast and now!

vSphere8 – vcenter server upgrade 6.7 to 8.0

In this post we will cover upgrading a vCenter Server from version 6.7 to version 8 in our labs. To get all details about upgrading vCenter Server check the documentation here The first thing to do is check my running version of vCenter Server 6.7 can be upgraded to version 8 using Product Interoperability Matrix […]

Upgrading to ESXi 8 using the command line ESXCLI

Exciting times again 🎆 with the vSphere 8 release published for download in October 2022. Scan the QR code below and download the ISO file or offline bundle for your selected upgrade method. This link will take you to the download page As always, we recommend checking the documentation for details on performing your upgrade […]

Stretch VSAN cluster error in VCF 4.3

Let’s talk about VCF a little bit. A recent VCF implementation conversation inspired this post. You received your hardware to deploy your VCF Management Domain or Workload Domain. Exciting times after a long wait! While you are preparing the host by installing the devices you need and the supported firmware is possible that your physical […]

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