Author: Guillermo Ramallo

Ways to replace Microsoft Visio in 2021

In this post I will be writing about the software we use as alternative to Microsoft Visio. Far from being a technical post but definitely valuable when needing to view, edit and create diagrams without incurring into software cost or when needing to use a diagram shared with you. The first one to mention is […]

Best VMware Flings to watch and try in 2021

VMware Flings have been around us for a long time and have always been a space to check for interesting tools, especially when they focus on making daily operations easier like the Cross vCenter Migration tool. In this post I share a selected list of Flings I believe are good to try. What is a […]

Free Training Time in 2021- Save the Date for VMware Tanzu Build-A-Thon

If you a person who follows Continuous learning, continual learning, constant learning, lifelong learning concept and is up for the next training opportunity and interested to build Modern Apps & Deploy on VMware Tanzu Application Service. This can be your lucky time to get into VMware Tanzu Build-A-Thon thanks to Smart Internz and VMware IT […]

vRealize Operations Tenant App 2.5 API reference

This post is about vRealize Operations Tenant App API documentation reference to help you know what can be done with the API Tenant APP has been covered few times in our blog. If you did not have the chance to read the articles have at look on them if falls within your list of interest […]

VMware Cloud Director 10.2 interface enhancements

VMware Cloud Director 10.2 has been with us since October 15 2020 bringing new features In this post I cover UI Enhancements: Quick Search; Advisories; Certificate Management showing how will simplify and speed up some experiences VMware Cloud Director version 10.2 includes the following: NSX-T Advanced Functional Parity:  NSX Advanced Load Balancer (Avi), Distributed Firewall , VRF-lite, Cross VDC […]

Deploying VMware SDDC on Oracle Cloud

Step by step implementation process of VMware SDDC on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure with screenshots shows you how simple is to deploy this solution and have a coffee while process runs and be able to tell your manager is completed when you come back to your work station Calculating your solution cost Being able to estimate […]

Oracle Cloud VMware Solution

Oracle is part of VMware solutions on public clouds ecosystem now becoming popular for enabling hybrid cloud on any location where VMware SDDC can run A lot has been covered and told about AWS and Azure VMware solutions. Oracle also plays in the public cloud IaaS market with integration with Oracle PaaS and SaaS services […]

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