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Upgrade vRealize Operations to version 8.10.1

As per VMware Advisory VMSA-2022-0034, there are multiple vRealize Operations (vROps) vulnerabilities reported to VMware.For vulnerable VMware products, patches and updates are readily available. The new release 10.8.1 resolves a few important security and functionality issues identified in the product and an added features: Resolves CVE-2022-31707 & CVE-2022-31708. A malicious actor with admin privileges in […]

Recursos sobre Ransomware y Ciberseguridad en 2021

El viernes 30 de Julio 2021 por la tarde horario Córdoba y Sábado por la mañana horario Auckland NZ tuvimos el agrado de compartir una charla (webinar) con Leonardo Oroná que trabaja como Senior Ethical Hacker. En el transcurso de una hora nos comento en qué consiste un ataque de Ransomware, cómo se efectúa paso a paso, […]

Integrating IBM Key Protect with IBM Cloud Object Storage

Introduction When managing encryption keys, you should keep them as much organized as possible to prevent key loss. For this purpose, IBM Key Protect helps you provision encrypted keys for apps across IBM Cloud services. The IBM Key Protect for IBM Cloud service you can provision and store encrypted keys for apps across IBM Cloud […]

Is your website secure?

Most of the companies don’t think on securing their websites for many reasons: It’s too much trouble (they think), can cost a lot of money!, who cares about security! Companies protecting their website and consumers by making their website HTTPS instead of HTTP it’s an smart decision, and can save time and money So …What […]

Overview of VMware AppDefense

VMware AppDefense is a data center endpoint security product that protects applications running in virtualized environments. AppDefense understands an application’s intended state and behavior, then monitors for changes to that intended state that indicate a threat. When a threat is detected, AppDefense automatically responds VMware AppDefense Components The primary components of the VMware AppDefense platform […]

Managing TLS protocol configuration for vSphere 6.0 Update 3

This post provides steps for modifying the supported TLS protocols using TLS reconfiguration utility and powercli script, and disabling TLSv1.0 & TLSv1.1 within the vSphere environment. The utility/script will allow for an end-to-end disablement of TLSv1.0/TLS v1.1 across a vSphere environment. However, the vCenter Server, Platform Services Controller, and ESXi hosts within the environment must […]

Security issues related to speculative execution in Intel processors – VMware announcement

”L1 Terminal Fault” vulnerabilities CVE-2018-3646, CVE-2018-3620 and CVE-2018-3615 Intel has disclosed details on a new class of CPU speculative-execution vulnerabilities known collectively as “L1 Terminal Fault” that can occur on past and current Intel processors (from at least 2009 – 2018). Like Meltdown, Rogue System Register Read, and “Lazy FP state restore”, the “L1 Terminal […]

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