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Update Manager

Troubleshooting when UMDS is unable to download patches

This post outlines the process of troubleshooting issues when Update Manager Download Services is unable to download patches. Symptoms VMware Update Manager Download Services is unable to download patches When trying to initiate a download using vmware-umds -d command you see errors similar to: ‘httpDownload’ 4440 ERROR] [httpDownload, 732] Error 12175 from WinHttpSendRequest for url […]

Install and Configure Update Manager 6.5 on Windows

VMware Update Manager provides centralised patch and version management for ESXi hosts, virtual machines, and virtual appliances. Update Manager can be used to upgrade and patch ESXi hosts, install and update third-party software on hosts, upgrade virtual machine hardware, VMware Tools, and virtual appliances. This guide will cover the installation of VMware Update Manager 6.5 […]

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