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Backup vCenter Server Appliance using OCI File System Service

VMware continues supporting multi-cloud strategy and partnering with major cloud service providers, including Oracle VMware Cloud Solution (OCVS).
This article will cover one of the many cases of integrating a cloud-native service and the VMware solution: “Backup the vCenter Server Appliance running on OCVS using the OCI File System Service“. Let’s begin!


To add an OCI Network Filesystem Storage (NFS) as a vCenter Backup Repository, meet the following prerequisites:


1- Login to Oracle Cloud Console and select File Systems Service

2- Create a mount target attached to the VCN that VMware Solution uses

For better and more granular security, you can configure NFS export rules from File Storage > Mount Target Details > Export Details

3- Now that we have or NFS ready, it’s time to login to vCSA admin user interface (UI) via https://IP_of_appliance:5480 and schedule file-based backups.

4- In the vCenter Server Appliance Management Interface, click Summary. Click Backup.

5- The Backup Appliance wizard opens. Enter the backup protocol and location details.

There are many options and storage protocols supported for configuring the destination of a scheduled backup. The protocols supported for backup are FTPS, HTTPS, SFTP, FTP, NFS, SMB, and HTTP. In this case we are using NFS.

Click Create. The backup schedule information is populated in the Backup page

What’s next?

By selecting Use backup location and user name from backup schedule from the Backup Now dialogue box, you can execute an immediate backup with the existing schedule information.

Additional information

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The views expressed on this post are own by Alicia Thompson (Oracle’s Principal Cloud Architect) and do not necessarily reflect the views of Oracle.

Backup vCenter Server Appliance using OCI File System Service
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