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VMware vCloud Director 9.5 – Announcement

vCloud Director, received a major upgrade to help both Cloud Providers and their enterprise customers. The new vCloud Director 9.5 enhances easy and intuitive cloud provisioning and consumption by adding highly-requested capabilities including self-service data protection, disaster recovery, and container-orchestration for cloud consumers, along with multi-site management, multi-tenancy and cross-platform networking for Cloud Providers. With […]

Principles of Container-based Application Design

It’s possible nowadays to put almost any application in a container and run it. Creating cloud-native applications, however—containerized applications that are automated and orchestrated effectively by a cloud-native platform such as Kubernetes—requires additional effort. Cloud-native applications anticipate failure; they run and scale reliably even when their infrastructure experiences outages. To offer such capabilities, cloud-native platforms […]

Kubernetes 1.10: Stabilizing Storage, Security, and Networking

Editor’s note: today’s post is by the 1.10 Release Team We’re pleased to announce the delivery of Kubernetes 1.10, our first release of 2018! Today’s release continues to advance maturity, extensibility, and pluggability of Kubernetes. This newest version stabilizes features in 3 key areas, including storage, security, and networking. Notable additions in this release include […]

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