¿Qué es el Ransomware?

Su definición El ransomware es un tipo de malware, o software malicioso, diseñado para infectar sistemas informáticos y bloquear archivos con el fin de extorsionar principalmente a los dueños de negocios. Como su nombre lo indica, este tipo de ataque cibernético implica retener datos y dispositivos para pedir una recompensa. Además de presionar a los […]

NSX-T Reference Guides you can’t miss in 2021. Save this

Good news!! NSX-T Security Reference Guide v1.3 has been released and published in the community. You can download the guide here. This guide comes with updates on these sections * Chapter -1: NSX Service-defined firewall value prop/positioning.* Chapter -2: NSX Use cases – What/why/how and NSX deployment Options.* Chapter -5: Best practices around Groups/Tags/Policy List of […]

Ways to replace Microsoft Visio in 2021

In this post I will be writing about the software we use as alternative to Microsoft Visio. Far from being a technical post but definitely valuable when needing to view, edit and create diagrams without incurring into software cost or when needing to use a diagram shared with you. The first one to mention is […]

Terraform 1.0: new version, worldwide availability

Terraform is one of the most used tools by DevOps. HashiCorp has just unveiled a major new version of Terraform 1.0, its multi-cloud provisioning solution. During the HashiConf Europe conference, the publisher announced this week the global availability of HashiCorp Terraform 1.0. The solution aims to become the new standard in multi-cloud provisioning and automation. […]

Best VMware Flings to watch and try in 2021

VMware Flings have been around us for a long time and have always been a space to check for interesting tools, especially when they focus on making daily operations easier like the Cross vCenter Migration tool. In this post I share a selected list of Flings I believe are good to try. What is a […]

Manage your project with version control and code repository

In this blog post, we are going to talk about version control and repositories and some (of the many) open-source systems, free code repository platforms. Let’s start first with definitions! What is Software Version Control? A Version Control System (VCS) enables you to efficiently manage and collaborate on code changes with others. Version control systems […]

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