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Revamp your VMware ESXCLI experience with a customized ChatGPT Assistant.

Today, we are thrilled to introduce a game-changer!: a custom ChatGPT assistant tailored specifically for VMware ESXi command-line interface (esxcli) queries and troubleshooting. Before diving into the specifics of this innovative tool, let’s briefly explore the concept of creating your own ChatGPT and the benefits it brings. The Rise of Custom ChatGPT Solutions ChatGPT, developed […]

Stretch VSAN cluster error in VCF 4.3

Let’s talk about VCF a little bit. A recent VCF implementation conversation inspired this post. You received your hardware to deploy your VCF Management Domain or Workload Domain. Exciting times after a long wait! While you are preparing the host by installing the devices you need and the supported firmware is possible that your physical […]

Easy Fix for VEEAM error “Retrieving certificate for Failed”

In this new blog post we are going to cover a simple fix for the following scenario VEEAM Backup and Replication Server, VEEAM Gateway server behind squid proxy Adding an IBM S3 object storage repository fails with the following error: Log %programdata%\Veeam\Backup\Satellites\BackupServer\User\Agent.PublicCloud.Satellite.log Root cause The network configuration does not allow direct internet access for Veeam […]

Fix: Unable to register plugin vRealize Operations Tenant App for VMware Cloud Director

Hello readers!! You might come across the following issue after you upgrade the vRealize Tenant App spend hours trying to figure out how to fix it! Hopefully, this problem is resolved in the next release or a KB in VMware soon, in the meantime here are the steps on how to register the plugin in […]

Quick Fix for Zerto unable to send billing data

The intent of this post is to help you resolve a problem that can happen to you when applying a permanent license key from Zerto and see the following error message: “ZVM is disconnected from the VRAs as usage information for billing purposes was not sent for 54 days. To ensure replication, resolve this issue. […]

How to effortless delete 1000’s audit events in vCloud Director DB

During recent vCloud Director cell upgrades and database migrations it was noticed the size of DB increased drastically and the amount of time needed to migrate a DB from SQL Server database to PostgreSQL database specially during creation and data migration of TABLE “audit_event” Normally I let this process run unattended until it completes minutes later […]

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