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Github: About issue and pull request templates

With issue and pull request templates, you can customize and standardize the information you’d like contributors to include when they open issues and pull requests in your repository. After you create issue and pull request templates in your repository, contributors can use the templates to open issues or describe the proposed changes in their pull […]

Introducing GitHub Learning Lab: A new way to level up on GitHub

The GitHub Training Team has established a tried-and-true method for helping new developers retain more information and ramp up quickly as they begin their software journeys. And now, those experiences accessible to developers everywhere with GitHub Learning Lab. Instead of a traditional tutorial or webcast, GitHub Learning Lab is an app that gives you a […]

Git 2.17 is now available

The open source Git project just released Git 2.17.0, with features and bugfixes from over 60 contributors. Here’s our look at some of the most interesting new features from the last few versions of Git. Coloring moved code When you’re reviewing a commit that moves some code, its diff will show a big chunk of […]

Improved project permissions to support your workflow

Our latest changes to organization project permissions introduce more possibilities for your organization’s workflow. Collaborate with your team in new ways, expand who you work with, and, if you’d like, publicly communicate your progress across projects to the community. More granular permissions for organization projects Sometimes projects aren’t relevant to every organization member. Now you […]

How security alerts are keeping your code safer

As more developers draw from existing code libraries to build new tools, tracking changes in dependencies like security vulnerabilities has become more difficult. Since the launch of security alerts last year, we’ve taken an active role in alerting project maintainers of known-vulnerable libraries in RubyGems for Ruby and npm for Javascript. In almost all cases, […]

Qlogic FCOE adapter disappeared after reboot

Hi Community members!!  If you experience problems with your FCOE adapters the following post hopefully will help you. Enjoy! Background I run into an environment where vSphere hosts on Dell Blades were showing high uptime and that is great but couple of hosts experienced PSOD and solution needed to be implemented to make the platform […]

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