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Create a vCenter Content Library using OCI Object Storage

William Lam’s blog inspired this article, the idea is to walk you through setting up a vSphere Content library, adding items to the library, and removing a library item when it’s no longer required using Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) Object Storage. Before jumping into the steps let’s cover What is a Content Library and some […]

Your data in the Cloud or local storage?

Information is the most valuable asset for all companies. Having adequate storage is essential to keep the information safe and accessible for analysis to generate business value when needed. In addition, it will help companies to be able to manage it properly and get the best possible benefit from it. It is vital to use […]

Quick Intro to IBM File Storage

IBM File Storage is a cloud-based service that allows users to share files.It’s a completely managed solution that uses the industry-standard to provide access to these cloud-based file shares.Because IBM File Storage is fully managed, you can create as many file shares as you need without worrying about hardware management and OS installation. This means […]

Delivering Container Storage-as-a-Service

Today, Pure Storage is excited to announce Pure Service Orchestrator. It is now possible to deliver container storage-as-a-service to empower your developers to build and deploy scale-out, microservices applications. The agility that your developers expect they could only get from the public cloud is now possible, on premise! In this blog, we’ll discuss why the […]

Qlogic FCOE adapter disappeared after reboot

Hi Community members!!  If you experience problems with your FCOE adapters the following post hopefully will help you. Enjoy! Background I run into an environment where vSphere hosts on Dell Blades were showing high uptime and that is great but couple of hosts experienced PSOD and solution needed to be implemented to make the platform […]

Highlights of Nutanix Technology Bootcamp

This week we had the opportunity to attend Nutanix ANZ Technology bootcamp. The session covered the following topics: – Web-scale Architecture and Concepts – Nutanix Models and Use Cases – Cluster Architecture and Configuration – Nutanix Deployment Process – Disaster Recovery – Cluster Expansion and Upgrades – Nutanix Alerts, Notifications, Dial Home and Support. These […]

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