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Best VMware Flings to watch and try in 2021

VMware Flings have been around us for a long time and have always been a space to check for interesting tools, especially when they focus on making daily operations easier like the Cross vCenter Migration tool.

In this post I share a selected list of Flings I believe are good to try.

What is a VMware fling?

A VMware fling is an unsupported tool created by a VMware engineer created to address a specific issue or provide feature that is not available in a VMware product.
These projects are made available for free on the VMware Flings website, where users can provide feedback and suggestions.
In some occasions these tools come from VMware research projects and could be productised.

One example of research projects seen as Fling is Hillview: a big data spreadsheet. Hillview is a cloud-based service for visualizing interactively large datasets.
Hillview research can be checked here and the Fling here

VMware Flings selection

Many Flings were productised overtime after positive feedback from the community. A good example is Cross vCenter Workload Migration Utility, allowing users to easily migrate virtual machines in bulk from a graphical user interface between vCenter servers using the Cross-vCenter vMotion feature.

VMware Flings selection

vRealize Orchestrator ParservRealize Orchestrator Parser parses vRO workflow XML files and extracts programming language code (Javascript, Python, Powershell, etc) and stores it as discrete files, that can then be checked into a source code control system, and or edited directly as discrete programming language source code from a traditional text-based source code editor, such as Visual Studio Code. These discrete files can also be consumed by other, third-party CI/CD systems like Maven and Jenkins. They can be edited, and they can be imported back into vRO workflow XML files
vRealize Build ToolsvRealize Build Tools provides tools to development and release teams implementing solutions based on vRealize Automation (vRA) and vRealize Orchestrator (vRO). The solution targets Virtual Infrastructure Administrators and Solution Developers working in parallel on multiple vRealize-based projects who want to use standard DevOps practices. 
This Fling is focused on code quality, code reusability, unit testing, dependency management and parallel releases of vRealize projects. In practice, it is a set of Maven extensions, packaged in a Maven repository format, that support the use of IDE (via Maven) and CLI to develop, test and deliver vRA and vRO-based solutions. It includes a vRO plug-in that exposes autocomplete information for standard and third-party scripting objects and actions and CLI that can deploy packages to vRO and vRA via the standard APIs.
SDDC Import/Export for VMware Cloud on AWSEnables you to save and restore your VMware Cloud on AWS (VMC) Software-Defined Data Center (SDDC) networking and security configuration.
There are many situations when customers want to migrate from an existing SDDC to a different one. While HCX addresses the data migration challenge, this tool offers customers the ability to copy the configuration from a source to a destination SDDC.
A few example migration scenarios are:
SDDC to SDDC migration from bare-metal (i3) to a different bare-metal type (i3en)
SDDC to SDDC migration from VMware-based org to an AWS-based org
SDDC to SDDC migration from region (i.e. London) to a different region (i.e. Dublin).

Other use cases are:
Backups – save the entire SDDC configuration
Lab purposes – customers or partners might want to deploy SDDCs with a pre-populated configuration.
DR purposes – deploy a pre-populated configuration in conjunction with VMware Site Recovery or VMware Cloud Disaster Recovery
NSX MobileFocus of the app is to provide instant notifications when something goes wrong and side by side ability to monitor the network & its security from a smartphone.
vSphere Mobile ClientvSphere Mobile Client enables administrators to monitor and manage vSphere infrastructure directly from any mobile device. Whether you want to check on the current or historical resource consumption; you want to get notifications on long running tasks; or you want to check the currently running tasks – the vSphere Mobile Client is there to help
vCenter Plugin for vRealize Network InsightThe vCenter Plugin for vRealize Network Insight brings relevant information from Network Insight, directly into vCenter. It allows the virtual infrastructure admins to view networking focused data and statistics in the same interface as where they manage their workloads, without having to have 2 interfaces open. Additionally, this plugin also helps add vCenter as a data source to Network Insight and set up incoming network flows.
Easy Deploy for NSX Advanced Load BalancingEasy Deploy for NSX Advanced Load Balancer (formerly Avi Networks) Fling is a virtual appliance that helps you deploy Avi in a handful of clicks!
This will enable you to leverage the power of multi-cloud application services platform that includes load balancing, web application firewall, container ingress, and application analytics across any cloud. No extensive knowledge required as it’s meant to make demo, training and proof-of-concept (POC) easy!
VMware Event Broker ApplianceThe VMware Event Broker Appliance (VEBA) Fling enables customers to unlock the hidden potential of events in their SDDC to easily event-driven automation based on vCenter Server Events and take vCenter Server Events to the next level! Extending vSphere by easily triggering custom or prebuilt actions to deliver powerful integrations within your datacenter across public cloud has never been more easier before.
Hillview: Distributed Data VisualizationHillview is a simple cloud-based spreadsheet program for browsing large data collections. The data manipulated is read-only. Users can sort, find, filter, transform, query, zoom-in/out, and chart data. Operations are performed using direct manipulation in the GUI. Hillview is designed to work on very large data sets (billions of rows).
Sample Data Platform Deployment on Virtualized Cloud InfrastructureLeverage your VMware Cloud Foundation 4.0 with vRealize Automation deployment and stand a sample data platform based on vSphere Virtual Machines in less than 20-minutes comprising of Kafka, Spark, Solr, and ELK.


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If you use VMware Flings and you are creating something you will like to share with the community check our post on Code Repository and share.

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Best VMware Flings to watch and try in 2021
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