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Cloud Managed Service Providers: which one is the right for your business?

In the space of modern enterprise technology, cloud computing has become a key player. Companies work to achieve their cloud computing goals with providers such as Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, IBM Cloud and Google Cloud Platform. These huge technology companies are constantly updating their products, sometimes faster than their customers can handle.

Baking Clouds mission is to facilitate the experience of the solution buyer. So, if you’re buying your first MSP solution at the beginning, or if you’re looking for a change, we hope this is the perfect resource to get you started on the decision-making path.

The list below includes some of the most significant cloud Managed Service Providers (MSPs). There are too many options in the market, so we are going to limit each of them, but we have tried to be as thorough as possible.

Managed Cloud Services Providers


Accenture is the world’s largest tech services company with 33,000 cloud services professionals, providing consulting services to AWS and Azure. It offers a centralized dashboard and management control plane through AWS for full cloud solution management and automation.

Accenture WebSite

IBM Managed Cloud Services

IBM Cloud Managed Services is a production-ready cloud environment built for enterprise-class performance, combining a robust IaaS solution with a full set of managed services. It’s a “fit-for-purpose” on- or off-premises answer for enterprise cloud needs

IBM WebSite


Revera is one of New Zealand’s cloud services leader. It’s new owner Spark, Revera is developing the next generation of cloud services and command-and-control functions to automate the provision and management of hybrid cloud services.

CloudCreator is Revera’s platform for creating and managing cloud services. It allows to manage apps and data in Revera’s Microsoft Azure-enabled cloud, Apollo, store super-sized data volumes with Revera Vault. It also offers VMware vCloud Director o deploy and manage their self-service Virtual Machines (VMs) via CloudCreator, and much more

14,066 VMs running in Revera’s Homeland Cloud/ 30 petabytes of data secured in Revera’s Homeland data centre network / 80+ cloud partner certifications

Revera WebSite


Umbrellar is a company based in New Zealand recognized as a leading Cloud Solution Provider (CSP), and home of the most comprehensive network of Microsoft Partners in the country. Umbrellar is dedicated to Azure & Azure Stack Managed Services

Umbrellar WebSite


Datacom has clients in the private and public sector across New Zealand and Australia and from the USA to Asia. The company helps to build multi-cloud services, from Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Office 365 or Datacom’s private cloud platform or a combination of all of these offerings.

Datacom Website

Dimension Data

Founded in 1983, and headquartered in Johannesburg and presence in New Zealand, member of the NTT Group, one of the world’s leading information communication technology (ICT) companies, comprising a group of global technology companies.

Global partners: EMC, VMware, NetApp, Cisco, SAP, Microsoft, and many others

Dimension Data offers: Enterprise Private Cloud, Cloud Services for SAP, Public Cloud (available in 15 datacentres on five contents)

Dimension Data Website


Lucidity operates in New Zealand and Australia since 2003. The company is a thriving business and has become one of the largest independent Microsoft aligned cloud hosting companies in New Zealand, offering Managed IT Services, Cloud Infrastructure as a Service and Cloud Consultancy Services

Lucidiy WebSite


There are many and different companies, but when it comes to MSPs and the cloud, it’s not an either/or decision but a “right mix” decision.

Cloud Managed Service Providers: which one is the right for your business?
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