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Database .NET v24.5 released

Database .NET v24.5 is an innovative, powerful and intuitive multiple database management tool. (Full support for PostgreSQL 8/9/10)

Free, All-In-One, Portable, Single executable file and Multi-language.

Major New features from version 23.2 to 24.5:

  • Startup, closing data import and export performance improvements
  • Added support for macaddr8 in PostgreSQL 10
  • Added Description for connections
  • Added DateTime default value Selector
  • Added Displaying a progress indicator in a taskbar button
  • Added Duplicating Tables
  • Added Generating UPDATE and DELETE statements from results
  • Added Generating the command-line to Clipboard
  • Added Restoring recently closed tabs
  • Added Copying Script to Clipboard
  • Improved Query Builder
  • Improved Query Reverse Engineering
  • Improved Database Diagram
  • Improved Visual Execution Plan
  • Improved Table Designer
  • Improved Data Editor
  • Improved SQL Editor
  • Improved AutoComplete and IntelliSense
  • Improved Data Import and Export
  • Improved Connection List
  • Improved Command-Line
  • …and more

The new version is immediately available for download.

Database .NET v24.5 released
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