How to migrate Veeam Cloud Connect tenant files to new repository

Moving Veeam Cloud Connect files between repositories seems to be an easy straight forward task on fists thoughts specially if you have experience managing also a Veeam Backup and Replication solution.

You may think ‘just evacuate the repository’ or ‘just copy the files and update the jobs’. Well if you are here is because you realised is not answer for the job.

Migrating Veeam Cloud Connect files involves indeed copy files from source repository to target repository but the complete process involves below tasks

  1. Disabling tenant
  2. Folders and files structures recreation on target repository
  3. Copy of files from source to target
  4. Update tenant cloud repository and backups to reference new repository
  5. Rescan target repository
  6. Enabling tenant

Above list sounds short and easy but has the slow operation number 3 (specially if you have a good number of Terabytes per tenant) and operation number 4 can not be done from Veeam console.

All this can be done using an easy PowerShell script and a file copy job or other methods like rsync, scp depending on repository type Windows or Linux


  • Scale-Out Backup Repository extents cannot be in maintenance mode
  • Tenants running Veeam Backup and Replication version older than 9.5 are not supported for migration
  • Tenants with special characters in their names are not supported for migration

Download the script from our GitHub page

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