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Baking Clouds provide tailored IT consultancy services to small and medium-sized companies; we cover all aspects of IT without any hidden costs.


4 Herramientas para administrar tu día a día

¡Hoy vamos a hablar de 4 herramientas para organizar tu gestión diaria que amamos! Y lo mejor de todo…  Son Gratis !!! Hojas de cálculo de #Excel #GoogleDrive #Numbers: Aquí podés registrar todo lo que quieras; casi como una agenda (¡o mejor que tener una te diría!). Esta herramienta en particular la utilizo para organizar […]

Don’t stay behind! ..Cloud Certifications for 2020

Half of the year is gone and it’s time to take advantage of the time left .. so If you are looking to stand out among the competition in the job market, we recommend you some Cloud Certifications AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate The AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate examination is intended for […]

Is your website secure?

Most of the companies don’t think on securing their websites for many reasons: It’s too much trouble (they think), can cost a lot of money!, who cares about security! Companies protecting their website and consumers by making their website HTTPS instead of HTTP it’s an smart decision, and can save time and money So …What […]

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