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Use LiveOptics for Public Cloud Pricing and understand your project requirements

Another year started according our calendar and your company may start a new financial year at soon you meet your CTO or manager and finally lets you know hardware refresh is budgeted.

Your manager asked to start collecting performance data to understand current infrastructure load and use this information to get quotes for your awaited hardware refresh.

So where and how do you start doing this?

Common scenario seen is the lack of standard tools and procedures when talking to different teams resulting in a variety of files to extract the needed performance information e.g.

This can lead to your addressee not fully understanding what tools you used or how you got those results. LiveOptics has been around for a while thanks to Dell as best practice to collect performance data.

By using LiveOptics as common tool when talking to your hardware vendor or other teams in your project to capture your performance requirements you will be saving time and becoming efficient when investing effort to capture and understand the results having either a PPT or XLS report to read.

Getting started with LiveOptics is a simple process that involves below steps

  • Register in LiveOptics
  • Login and download collectors
  • Run collector
  • Execute collection of performance data
  • Wait until capture completes
  • Review and share your results

Below we share some screenshots of what you can expect when you download, execute and review results in a PPT file

LiveOptics Cloud Pricing Interface

Before getting there we want to share with you how LiveOptics got exiting recently with the incorporation of “Cloud Pricing Interface”. A task that has been either expensive to do using paid tools or difficult to achieve manually but now you can scan your servers performance wherever they run and get public clouds pricing!!! So good!!

This will provide current pricing for AWS, Azure and Google Cloud. Please note Live Optics updates the vendor pricing daily and all prices are based on US dollars.

The VM Cloud Pricing charts contains a radio button with a choice of AWS, Azure or Google Cloud. The Y-axis provides the pricing based on the 1-year offering. The bars in the chart represent VMs which are sorted most to least expensive. The black line across the chart indicates Avg Price per VM.  A hover over of the individual bars shows VM Name, Price, vCPU, Memory (GB), Capacity (GB), Config Matched and Nearest Largest Config.  

Other great updates

Inventory Discovery

Profiling an SC array (Compellent Systems Center)

With upcoming end of life of SC arrays LiveOptics now will help you analyse SC to plan requirements for your next array

Data collectors supported

Sample report of collected data

Use LiveOptics for Public Cloud Pricing and understand your project requirements
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