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Zerto Virtual Replication 6.5

Zerto announced Zerto Virtual Replication 6.5. As with every other release, there are few updates but to summarize here are the 4 key pillars for this release:

  • Accelerate Cloud
  • Foundations of Backup
  • Deeper Analytics
  • Platform Enhancements

Accelerate Cloud

With this release Zerto added support for Azure Premium Managed disks when protecting or migrating to Microsoft Azure. This allows you run those more IO intensive applications in Azure. Simply select the disk type you want to use in your VPG settings and you are all set!

Foundation of Backup

In May Zerto pre-announced Zerto 7 and shared it’s vision regarding the future of backup. In this release Zerto’s architecture utilizes the existing Virtual Replication Appliances and how they scale by utilizing the journal and change-block-tracking technology, Zerto also added to ability to only write the changes to the target repository adding support for incremental-forever copies.

Deeper Analytics

Zerto Analytics now allows our Enterprise Cloud Edition and Cloud Service Provider customers to get deeper insight into their environment by offering 90 days of analytics history. You can now also see journal-size, IOPS, throughput and WAN stats on a per-VM level adding more granularity to our analytics.

Cloud Service Providers can now utilize the UI to filter on specific ZORGs (tenants) enabling them to better report on customer SLA’s and statistics.

Don’t hesitate! Simply enable Zerto Analytics in your ZVM’s (top right “hamburger menu” -> about) and go into MyZerto to access it.

Platform Enhancements

One of the most frequently requested feature in Zerto has been delivered in 6.5; The ability to recover a single (or multiple) VM’s in an Virtual Protection Group. With our “Sub VPG Operations” feature we allow you to simply select VM’s in an existing VPG and offer you the ability to perform a failover, failover-test or offsite clone operation on just those VM’s. It couldn’t be easier!

Zerto also automated the Reverse Protections of those VM’s in case you initiated a failover.

( and our latest Interoperability Matrix (

Zerto Virtual Replication 6.5
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