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Zerto 6.5 U3 p1: Error migrating to MS SQL

Zerto Virtual Replication uses an SQL Server to manage data for scalable business continuity software solutions. The default during installation is the embedded SQL Server database.

When using the embedded SQL Server database, Zerto Virtual Replication is limited with the number of resources that can be protected. It’s is highly recommended to move to external databases for Productions Environments.

If you are planning to migrate soon please take in consideration this article


Root cause and solution (Zerto Support Response)

Installation package for Dalmore u3p1 was just released. The migration tool for v6.5U3P1 has not been released yet.

We will have to keep our eyes on and check when the new version is available

Hope it helps!!

Zerto 6.5 U3 p1: Error migrating to MS SQL
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