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Introducing GitHub Learning Lab: A new way to level up on GitHub

The GitHub Training Team has established a tried-and-true method for helping new developers retain more information and ramp up quickly as they begin their software journeys. And now, those experiences accessible to developers everywhere with GitHub Learning Lab.


Instead of a traditional tutorial or webcast, GitHub Learning Lab is an app that gives you a learning experience you can actively participate in, without leaving GitHub. Our friendly bot will take you through a series of practical, fun labs that will give you the skills you need in no time—and share helpful feedback along the way.

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How it works

With GitHub Learning Lab, you’ll learn through issues opened by a bot in a GitHub repository. After you finish tasks, the bot will comment on your work and even review your pull requests like a project collaborator would.

If you have questions that come up while you complete a course, you can get answers in the GitHub Learning Lab Community Forum. This is a new way to get support from a community of learners and expert trainers (including members of the GitHub Training Team) as your journey progresses.

Check out the GitHub Learning Lab Community Forum

What’s covered

You’ll find five courses covering our most popular topics at launch:

Introduction to GitHub: Get an introduction to the most common, collaborative workflow for developers around the world.

Communicating using Markdown: Learn how to communicate on GitHub and beyond with Markdown’s simple syntax.

GitHub Pages: Host a website or blog directly from your GitHub repository.

Moving your project to GitHub: Get tips for migrating your code and contributors to GitHub.

Managing merge conflicts: Learn why merge conflicts happen and how to fix them.

Coming soon to GitHub Learning Lab:

Contributing to open source: Make your first open source contribution in a friendly mapping project.

What’s next

This is just the beginning. We’ll be expanding how this app helps new developers, inviting new course authors, and adding more topics as we go. Let us know what you think in the Community Forum.

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Introducing GitHub Learning Lab: A new way to level up on GitHub
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