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Microsoft takes a turn on Windows Package Manager

Package managers have been around long time for Windows OS and Microsoft decided to take a turn on this space finally to allow Windows users install applications easier and faster than traditionally downloading each application and installing one by one assuring a long party.

I have seen so many MS Windows server and desktop versions already in my career and solutions like SCCM for this work including successful package managers.
This release gives me a mixed reaction.

Yeah finally it was about time Microsoft but keep it up and bring great features

This is old news. Have been for ages in Linux and already are mature options for Windows

Today is in preview mode and aiming for Windows Package Manager v1.0 to be released in Spring 2021

Roadmap is published here

Winget is the name for this Windows package manager. The client requires Windows 10 1709 (build 16299) or later at this time.
Download and installation instructions on GitHub

The client is built around the concept of sources; a set of packages effectively. Sources provide the ability to discover and retrieve the metadata about the packages, so that the client can act on it.

The default source reflects that data available from the Community repo.

The Package Manager Service is responsible for approving Pull Requests. It validates the YAML and manifest spec for spec compliance.

List of package managers for Windows

NameProject URL
Windows Package Manager
List of package managers available for Windows OS
Microsoft takes a turn on Windows Package Manager
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