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Migrating Zerto Virtual Replication database to Microsoft SQL server

Migrating Zerto Virtual Replication Database

To migrate the database
1.From myZerto > Downloads, select and download the zip file for Zerto Virtual Manager Database Migration Tool for 4.5Ux and later
The file is downloaded.
2. Save the file to the host running Zerto Virtual Manager
3.Extract the files to a folder.
4.Stop the Zerto Virtual Manager service on the host to which you saved the file.
5.Backup the storage_properties.xml file (The default location is: C:\Program Files\Zerto\Zerto Virtual Replication)
6.If you have SQL Server Compact edition, also backup the Zvm.sdf file. The default location is: C:\Program Files\Zerto\Zerto Virtual Replication
7.Right click the fileZerto.Storage.Conversion.exe, and select Run as Administrator
The Storage Conversion tool wizard opens.
8.In the Select Source Properties area:
a) Click the … (More) button and navigate to the file, storage_properties.xml
This file contains the properties of the Zerto Virtual Replication database.
b) Click Open to select the file.
9.In the Select Target Properties area, select to migrate the database either to an SQL Server, or an
SQL Compact Edition
. To migrate to an SQL Server database, Select SQL Server, and enter the properties. To do this:
a) Click the …(More) button.
The SQL Server Properties window opens, showing the default values for the Server and Database
b) Define the following fields as required:
■ Server: The SQL server instance name.This is the IP address or DNS of the SQL Server
and SQL Server instance name in the form of:
■ Database: The name of the Zerto Virtual Manager database.
■ Authentication: Select the authentication method from the drop-down list, either: Windows Authentication
or SQL Server Authentication
. If the migration is to an SQL Server and you are using Windows Authentication, the Zerto Virtual Manager
Service must use a user that can be authenticated by the SQL Server.
Once entered all parameters click CONVERT
.The database migration begins.
10. After the database migration ends, start the Zerto Virtual Manager service.
Important! Make sure there is no database created with the same name at the target SQL server otherwise the conversion fails. Here is the error message:
■ Migration between Microsoft SQL Server / embedded SQL Server database is performed using the Zerto Database Migration tool. The following Microsoft SQL Server versions are supported:
2008, 2008R2, 2012, 2014, 2016.
■ When migrating the data, you can use either SQL Server authentication or Windows authentication
. Zerto recommends that you use SQL Server authentication.
Verify SQL Permissions and Roles
■ To use SQL authentication, the user must have DB Owner credentials.
■ The user must have the following permissions set:
■ Public and dbcreator server roles.
■ Both Database User and Default Schema must be defined as dbo
■ Permission to connect to the database engine.
■ Login enabled.
■ In User Mapping choose the master database under which to create the Zerto Virtual Replication database and set both db_owner and public for database role membership.
Migrating Zerto Virtual Replication database to Microsoft SQL server
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