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“Site name undefined” appears after VMware Cloud Director Upgrade to 10.2

We have recently updated vCloud Director from 10.1 to 10.2 and when we view Organization VDCs, the Site name is listed as: ‘ Site name undefined (Site ID: e228c64d-b92e-4c9f-9bf8-f5e8b2680309)’

To resolve this issue we followed VMware’s KB which describes the cause of the problem and how to fix it.

Apply Fix using Postman

Install and access Postman

Configure Basic Authentication

  • In the new Untitled Request window, select the Authorization panel
  • Change TYPE to Basic Auth
  • Enter a username and password: username@system

Get vCloud API Supported Version

  • Make an API versions request to VMware Cloud Director to obtain the VMware Cloud Director API login URL. This request has the following form:
Example GET

Scroll down to the bottom of the body and view the available API versions. We used version=33.0 to resolve our issue

Configure Version Header

  • Go to Headers Tab and enter the following values:
    • KEY: Accept
    • VALUE: application/*;version=33.0 

Add vCloud Authorization and Access Token headers

  • To generate the headers, send the following request
Example POST
  • Copy two keys and values from the response headers and paste then into the request header
    • Keys and values from response header
      • x-vcloud-authorization

Paste the the keys and values as follow:

Use Bearer Token for authentication

  • Copy the value of X-VMWARE-VCLOUD-ACCESS-TOKEN 
  • Go to Authorization
  • TYPE: Bearer Token
  • Paste Value of X-VMWARE-VCLOUD-ACCESS-TOKEN in Token text area

Change the Site name of a Cloud Director instance


  1. Login as System Administrator following the steps detailed before
  2. Perform a GET against the localAssociationData URL for this Cloud Director instance:


Request Headers:
Accept: application/*+xml;version=33.0;multisite=global
Authorization: Bearer eyJ…Adw

  1. In the response you will find a href URL for this Cloud Director Site similar to the following:
Link rel="edit" href="" type="application/vnd.vmware.admin.siteAssociation+xml"/>
  1. Perform a GET Request against the href URL from step 3. to retrieve the configuration including the current Site name:


Request Headers:
Accept: application/*+xml;version=33.0;multisite=global
Authorization: Bearer eyJ…Adw    

In the XML response you will see a <SiteName> entry with the current setting similar to the following:

 <ns5:SiteName>Site name undefined (Site ID: 9dcbcd04-4e80-42e3-a91f-82daa0962aef)</ns5:SiteName>

5. To change the Site name to the desired friendly name, edit the XML response retrieved before and change the value address in the <SiteName> section to the desired value:

<ns5:SiteName>New Zealand Site 1</ns5:SiteName>

6. Send the entire XML with the new Site name back to the href URL used in step 4. to retrieve the current setting


Request Headers:
Accept: application/*+xml;version=33.0;multisite=global
Authorization: Bearer eyJ…Adw
Content-Type: application/*+xml

Request Body:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="yes"?>
<ns5:SiteAssociationMember xmlns:rasd="" xmlns:ovf="" xmlns:vssd="" xmlns:common="" xmlns:ns5="" xmlns:vmw="" xmlns:ovfenv="" xmlns:vmext="" xmlns:ns9="" href="" type="application/vnd.vmware.admin.siteAssociation+xml">
    <ns5:Link rel="edit" href="" type="application/vnd.vmware.admin.siteAssociation+xml"/>
    <ns5:Link rel="edit" href="" type="application/vnd.vmware.admin.siteAssociation+json"/>
    <ns5:Link rel="remove" href="" type="application/vnd.vmware.admin.siteAssociation+xml"/>
    <ns5:Link rel="remove" href="" type="application/vnd.vmware.admin.siteAssociation+json"/>
    <ns5:Link rel="up" href="" type="application/vnd.vmware.admin.siteAssociations+xml"/>
    <ns5:Link rel="up" href="" type="application/vnd.vmware.admin.siteAssociations+json"/>
    <ns5:SiteName>New Zealand Site 1</ns5:SiteName>

7. In the Cloud Director UI when logged in a System Administrator you should see an Updated Site task. Confirm that this task shows a Succeeded status

8. Reload the Cloud Director UI to confirm that the Site name has changed as desired for example when viewing Organizations or Organization VDCs.

“Site name undefined” appears after VMware Cloud Director Upgrade to 10.2
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