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Terraform 1.0: new version, worldwide availability

Terraform is one of the most used tools by DevOps. HashiCorp has just unveiled a major new version of Terraform 1.0, its multi-cloud provisioning solution.

During the HashiConf Europe conference, the publisher announced this week the global availability of HashiCorp Terraform 1.0. The solution aims to become the new standard in multi-cloud provisioning and automation.

Objectives of the update announced on Tuesday and available globally: “To bring new guarantees of scalability, ecosystem interoperability and stability to its infrastructure-as-code approach.”

The announcement has several components:

  • Terraform 1.0: since its release in 2014, 15 major versions of Terraform have emerged thanks to the work of more than 1,500 contributors. Its strengths: “Stable API, ease of updates and interoperability for all future 1.x versions”
  • Flow of publications from the public registry to the private registry, thanks to “capabilities for composing, collaborating and reusing infrastructure as code using modules and options from public and private registers”
  • Management of workspaces, overview, and previews
  • Terraform Execution Function Checks Third-Party Integrations: “Today, Terraform Cloud ran 1.6 million Sentinel policy checks.”

To download this new version, go to this page.

Terraform 1.0: new version, worldwide availability
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