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Pure Storage Updated PowerCLI Best Practices Scripts Check/Set

As of the latest releases of vSphere (in 6.0 and in 6.5) Pure Storage multipathing best practices are default (Round Robin and IO Operations Limit of 1). So one less thing.

Though there are a few things depending on your environment that need/should be set. Many of these are by default set correctly, so we merely check for those. A few still however need to be changed.

Blog post here:

FlashArray VMware Best Practices PowerCLI Scripts

Highlights are:

  • Improved interactivity of scripts
  • Specific cluster support
  • iSCSI setting fixes
  • VMFS-6 support for auto-unmap
  • Improved logging
  • Better PowerCLI module handling
  • Disk.DiskMaxIOSize support