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Work with VMware Cloud Director Advisories

Since version 10.2 Advisories are a great addition to communicate everyone a message after they login to VMware Cloud Director’s portal.

This is known in vCenter Server as a message of the day and has been around a long time. The messages in vCloud can appear to system administrators, the users within an organization, or the users in all organizations.

Create advisory using Cloud Director’s UI

Steps to create a notification using vCloud Director’s interface:

  • From the top navigation bar, select Administration.
  • In the left panel, under Settings, select Advisories and click New.
  • In the description box, add the text of the notification. The message can contain Mark Dropdown link support, e.g. [preview text](url), and the number of allowed characters is 1 of 512
  • Select the priority of the message. Priority messages appear as different colors: Mandatory and Critical in red, Important in yellow and Notice in Blue
  • Select the period for which you want the notification to appear in the UI

You can view all advisories in the Advisories tab, however they appear to the selected group of users only during the selected period.

  • Select target audience: only to system administrators, to all users within the organization or across organizations.

Note: You cannot edit advisories once you create them.

  • Once you have entered all parameters, click OK.

The notification appears above the top navigation bar of the selected portal.

Advisories API calls

Explore APIs using Swagger. Swagger and can be viewed and executed directly from vCloud Director API Explorer web point at /api-explorer.
Note: User must be logged to use the link

Or go to VMware’s Documentation website:

Advisory Definition


A message specified by a system administrator org administrator. It is to be displayed to users to alert them to general conditions that may affect them.
string as date-time
displayEnd Optional

The ISO-8601 timestamp representing when this advisory is no longer applicable. If permissible, users may update this value to a time in the past to dismiss this advisory. The displayEnd timestamp must be >= displayStart.
string as date-time
displayStart Optional

The ISO-8601 timestamp from which this advisory is applicable. Defaults to the server’s current time if unspecified. If permissible, users may update this value to a time in the future to snooze this advisory.
id Optional

A unique identifier for the advisory (read-only).
message Optional

A localized message for this advisory.
priority Optional

Priority for an advisory that indicates the level of urgency. These priorities are listed in ascending sort order.

    MANDATORY: A mandatory message which is always displayed; these advisories cannot be snoozed or dismissed (see documentation on displayStart and displayEnd)
    CRITICAL: A high priority, potentially actionable message which can be snoozed or dismissed
    IMPORTANT: A potentially actionable message which can be snoozed or dismissed
    NOTICE: An informational message which can be dismissed (but not snoozed)

source Optional

Represents where the advisory is being generated from. This is a read-only field. Can be of type USER or INTERNAL.
targetId Optional

The id reference to the target entity this advisory is for.
JSON Example

    "displayEnd": "string",
    "displayStart": "string",
    "id": "string",
    "message": "string",
    "priority": "string",
    "source": "string",
    "targetId": "string"

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Work with VMware Cloud Director Advisories
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