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NSX for vSphere migration series

NSX for vSphere is approaching End of General Support in 2022-01-16. Yes, that is January 2022, next year if you are reading this in 2021 or 150 days from today if you are reading this in 19-08-21.

In other words, this means you have 30 workweeks to migrate. Plenty of time, so no need to get FOMO.

Check products lifecycle here.

If you are looking information on how to upgrade an older version of NSX-T check our post here.

We see a high volume of projects to migrate to NSX-T for this reason.

As we work on these projects, we will publish posts to cover two areas:  a) service providers using NSX for vSphere b) enterprise users running NSX for vSphere.

Hopefully, you have the latest version of NSX for vSphere 6.4.10 or higher than 6.4.4 to make your life easier going forward, but we will cover that in future posts.

The idea behind this series of posts is to share tips, resources and other things we have collected working with NSX. We hope to make your life easier and get you into the NSX-T world.

Areas to be covered

  • Resources available
  • Tools and scripts
  • Troubleshooting

A project like this requires understanding all corners of your existing NSX environment. So, even if you use it often, it won’t hurt to start with a discovery phase. For example, you may find that something changed, is not working or configured as expected, or you have errors blocking your migration plans.

Have a clear view of your topology and setup. You may need to update documentation and diagrams to get the big picture and have it clear.

By completing this phase as project kickoff, you can address or change detected errors, unsupported configurations.

So, where to start could be a question. The NSX tech zone is an excellent resource to read, watch and labs and make you a pro on NSX.

If you are more a visual person and what to get started watching videos you definetely want to play this to get a high level understanding of NSX v2t migration process.

Part1VMworld 2021! Top sessions for NSX migration
Part2NSX-T Migration Coordinator Troubleshooting Guide – Chapter 1
Part3 –
Series of posts dedicated to NSX migration

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NSX for vSphere migration series
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