Cannot list Org VDC Networks in Cloud Director 10.X HTML UI

A single tenant was reporting not able to list Org VDC Network using Cloud Director HTML UI. Only using the search button was displaying all networks.

For troubleshooting we used Google Chrome debugger console. When we tried to list he Network the browser logs reported the following messages:

GET https://clouddirector-publicURL/cloudapi/1.0.0/orgVdcNetworks?page=1&pageSize=91&filterEncoded=true&filter=(orgVdc.id==urn:vcloud:vdc:0cd44dab-b72d-4f3c-9161-bed9f6b81456)&sortAsc=name&links=true 502 (Bad Gateway)

To isolate the issue we opened the Cloud Director URL directly pointing to CD Cell IP address so that we can bypass the NSX loadbalancer.
Using CD IP, we were able to open the page directly and see all networks


To resolve this issue, increase the number of headers in the response.

PUT https://<NSX-Manager>/api/4.0/edges/<Edge-ID>/systemcontrol/config<systemControl>


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