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VMware vRealize Operations Tenant App 2.5 released!

VMware just released VMware vRealize Operations Tenant App 2.5. This new version provides metering features that enable service providers to chargeback customer base and to monitor their billing data for individual customers.

Before you try this new version, please make sure you meet all the requirements by checking VMware product interoperability matrix.

What’s New

Based on the release notes vRealize Operations Manager Tenant App 2.5 introduces the following new features:

  • Addition of custom reports as service to tenants. The Tenant Reports page allows service providers to provide tenants, access to the custom reports. Service providers can view all the report templates including the custom templates that are created using the vRealize Operations Manager
  • Provision to send custom alerts over email to tenants. Service Providers can create an email outbound that acts as a gateway to send tenants all emails related to alerts and reports
  • Additional Pricing Settings. Service Providers can charge for storage either based on storage policies or independent of it. The Default Rate option appears only when its selected “Aggregate storage charges from Storage profiles for payg Org-VDCs” in the Pricing Settings tab.
  • Introduction of Price IP count on external networks of VCD
  • One-time fixed costs for initialization costs. Use the One Time Fixed Cost section to charge for one time incidental charges on Virtual Machines. These costs do not repeat on a recurring basis
  • Rate Factors. To either increase or discount the prices against individual resources consumed by the Virtual Machines or by whole charges against the Virtual Machine

Other features part of this new release: Deployment of Meter apps using VCD App Launchpad, Deployment of Meter Kubernetes clusters through VCD Container service extension and Addition of Meter Cloud Director Availability services using additional management pack.

Additional Resources:

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I hope this quick overview of Tenant App 2.5 helps you. Thanks!

VMware vRealize Operations Tenant App 2.5 released!
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