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Fix Error: “cannot upgrade until ZVM has finished all his clean-up tasks”


When running ZVM VMware installer package “7.5 Update 4”, the following error appears when starts the pre-checks: “you cannot upgrade until zvm has finished all his clean-up tasks”

You check the GUI and follow all the steps described in ZVM Upgrade Best Practices, but the problem persists.


This error indicates stale undo records in the database


If you have embedded database you need to Download and install DB viewer on the ZVM server. Once installed continue with the following instructions:

1.) Stop the ZVM service
2.) Make a backup copy of the ZVM DB
3.) Edit the ZVM DB

– Change “read only” to “Allow editing”
– Switch view by clicking on Query – Show Editor
– Enter the following commands one by one and hit the “play” icon to run

delete UndoStageStorageObject
delete UndoDependantIdentifierStorageObject
delete UndoLogStorageObject

4. In the database – check the fields UndoStageStorageObject, UndoDependantIdentifierStorageObject, and UndoLogStorageObject. Make sure they are cleared out
5. Start the ZVM service
6. Retry the upgrade

Root cause and solution provided by Zerto Support. Contact them for further assistance

Last updated: May 17, 2018
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Fix Error: “cannot upgrade until ZVM has finished all his clean-up tasks”
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