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Install Veeam patch KB3161 to add official VMware vSphere 7 support

The following issues were reported on the original build of v10

Patch ID 3161 released in 2020-05-27 adds support for vSphere 7 and fix many errors that you don’t want to experience by customers calling you saying “this is broken” or “where is my data”

Among the issues this patch address here is a short list of ones you definitely don’t want to experience as customer or service provider. Take a time to check your version and plan your update.

Solutions in this patch

Agent Management

Managed by Agent backup policies do not respect the retention policy setting for Microsoft Windows machines, always forcing it to 7 regardless of the value specified.

Cloud Connect Infrastructure

In the environments where the Network Extension Appliance has the same name as the corresponding Tenant, deleting the appliance will also remove tenant’s replicas.

Cloud Connect Replication fails with the “Cannot find an available target” error in vCloud Director environments with multiple clusters due to not searching all available vDC pools for the required vOrg pool.

WAN Acceleration

WAN accelerator may deadlock while transferring an increment with large contiguous set of zeroed segments, making the data transfer appear to slow down dramatically.

For complete list of resolved issues click here

Installing a Veeam patch

Installing a Veeam patch is easy as doing a few clicks with a mouse even if that mouse is old and malfunctioning. Here are the steps

  • Confirm that you are running the GA build of version 10 (build or P1)
  • Download patch from KB3161
  • Execute VeeamBackup&Replication_10.0.0.4461_KB3161.exe
  • Click next, install, finish
  • Open backup console and update components
  • Celebrate is that easy with Veeam!!!

Install Veeam patch KB3161 to add official VMware vSphere 7 support
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