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New Zealand in the map of Microsoft Azure

On Thursday, October 22, Parallo (recently joined Rhipe‘s portfolio) held the first Azure ‘n’ Ales post COVID in-person event in the city of Auckland. Being one of the first non-virtual events, it had a large audience.

Azure Cloud Lead Patrick Quesnel was responsible for announcing Microsoft’s plans in New Zealand. He talked about the investment that will be made in the country for the construction of one of the largest data centers in addition to the lease of other data centers that will provide effective redundancy, ensuring stability and resilience to customers.

Will there be any limits for customers as with any other regions? As Azure continue to grow the platform, they would expect to have the necessary capacity to meet all demands. The more inside Microsoft get in terms of demand globally, the more they can plan ahead.

What about Migrations between regions? This will be possible with one of the latest services: “Azure Resource Mover“.

Patrick also mentioned about relationship and interaction with local data centers. Furthermore, he stated that Microsoft made a really conscious effort to work very closely with all Telcos and the hosting providers to plan how to partner with them and create opportunities for both.

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New Zealand in the map of Microsoft Azure
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