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Quick Fix for Zerto unable to send billing data

The intent of this post is to help you resolve a problem that can happen to you when applying a permanent license key from Zerto and see the following error message:

“ZVM is disconnected from the VRAs as usage information for billing purposes was not sent for 54 days. To ensure replication, resolve this issue. Click here to test usage transmission to Zerto

ZVM Monitoring Events showing:

Unsuccessful Billing Usage Transmission on Demand”

Additionally, in this post we cover how to make Zerto Analytics to see your site.

It’s important to make sure you followed all steps described in Zerto’s KB “Zerto CSP Automated Billing (Call Home)” , it can also help you address the error.

But if the Zerto’s link still doesn’t resolve the problem, let’s jump into the logs and find the following entry:

00000000,00000000,,,20-10-20 08:01:06.48,E,132,OnDemandBillingSubmitter,SendBillingUsage,Sending daily billing usage has failed with an error = Could not establish trust relationship for the SSL/TLS secure channel with authority ''.,


1. Navigate to >
2. Download the Starfield Technologies root certificate

  1. Open the management console by doing Start Menu > Run > MMC
    Add/Remove-SnapIn and added the “Certificates” feature from the snap in:
  2. Select ‘Computer account’ in the Certificates snap-in pop up:
  3. Select Local computer
  4. Now presented, Trusted Root Certification Authorities and selected “All Tasks > Import”
  5. Specify the CER file we downloaded from Amazon in first 2 steps

The steps will help you to make your site available in Zerto Analytics.
In addition to the Starfield certificate it will be necessary to add Go Daddy Root CA

Once you have installed the mentioned certificates the error message will disappear and Test Connection is successful

Contact Zerto Support for further assistance

Last updated: May 17, 2018
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Quick Fix for Zerto unable to send billing data
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