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Baking Clouds provide tailored IT consultancy services to small and medium-sized companies; we cover all aspects of IT without any hidden costs.


New Zealand in the map of Microsoft Azure

On Thursday, October 22, Parallo (recently joined Rhipe‘s portfolio) held the first Azure ‘n’ Ales post COVID in-person event in the city of Auckland. Being one of the first non-virtual events, it had a large audience. Azure Cloud Lead Patrick Quesnel was responsible for announcing Microsoft’s plans in New Zealand. He talked about the investment […]

Microsoft takes a turn on Windows Package Manager

Package managers have been around long time for Windows OS and Microsoft decided to take a turn on this space finally to allow Windows users install applications easier and faster than traditionally downloading each application and installing one by one assuring a long party. I have seen so many MS Windows server and desktop versions […]

Migrating the ZVM 6.5 Database to Microsoft SQL Server

Zerto Virtual Replication uses an SQL Server to manage data for scalable business continuity software solutions. Zerto supports two usages of the SQL Server; either an embedded SQL Server, which is provided free of charge with the Zerto Virtual Replication product or, an external SQL Server which is deployed and managed by the customer. Migrating […]

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