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Transform your team’s collaboration with VMware Aria Operations 8.12

Welcome to our blog post discussing the latest release of VMware Aria Operations 8.12! This version introduces an exciting new feature that enhances collaboration and visibility – the ability to share dashboards with users. In this post, we will explore the benefits of this feature, provide an overview of the product, and discuss common use cases. Let’s dive in!

Product Overview

VMware Aria Operations (formerly known as vRealize Operations Manager) is a comprehensive operations management platform that offers deep visibility into your virtualized infrastructure. With its robust set of features, Aria enables you to proactively monitor, troubleshoot, and optimize your environment for maximum performance and efficiency.
Aria 8.12 has several improvements, including a new Launchpad for a more unified workflow, Multi-Cloud Overview for easy access to managed objects, VCF Operations page for summarized view of VCF management, and enhanced integration with Aria Operations for Logs and Apps. There’s also a new search capability for faster troubleshooting, expanded support for VMware Cloud Endpoints, and product enhancements such as cost analysis and what-if scenario planning.

Dashboard Sharing – Group Editing

One of the best enhancements in the VMware Aria 8.12 release is the ability to share dashboards with users. This feature empowers collaboration and enables stakeholders across your organization to gain valuable insights from customized dashboards. Sharing dashboards enhances communication and decision-making, whether it’s sharing performance metrics with executives, collaborating with team members on infrastructure optimization, or providing visibility to specific user groups.

To give you a sneak peek of this feature, we’ve included a screenshot showcasing the intuitive dashboard sharing interface.

The ability to share dashboards with users in VMware Aria 8.12 opens up a world of possibilities.

If you’re wondering how to set group access permissions for default or custom dashboards, with the new dashboard sharing feature, you can easily set group access permissions for your dashboards. By selecting the desired user groups, you can control who has access to specific dashboards, ensuring the right information is available to the right stakeholders. This feature streamlines collaboration and promotes data-driven decision-making.
You can also select multiple dashboards and drag them to the group you want them access.

Select Multiple Dashboards and then drag to the desired group

VMware Aria Operations 8.12 brings powerful enhancements to the table, with the ability to share dashboards with users being the highlight. This feature enables seamless collaboration, improved visibility, and efficient decision-making across your organization.

Get ready to unlock the true potential of your virtualized environment with VMware Aria Operations 8.12’s dashboard sharing capabilities. We’re confident that you’ll love this feature and how it can help you take your operations management to new heights!

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Options For Sharing Dashboards

Transform your team’s collaboration with VMware Aria Operations 8.12
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