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Boost Your VMware Environment with the Latest Skyline Collector 3.3 and Skyline Advisor 6.7

VMware recently announced the General Availability of VMware Skyline Collector 3.3 and VMware Skyline Advisor 6.7. The updates bring new features and enhancements that further improve the visibility, proactive support, and troubleshooting capabilities of VMware environments.

VMware Skyline is a proactive support technology that provides predictive analytics, actionable intelligence, and best practices to help customers maintain and optimize their VMware environments. Skyline automatically analyzes configuration and log data from your environment to identify potential issues, security risks, and other optimization opportunities. Skyline also provides recommendations and guidance to help you resolve issues quickly and proactively.

With the latest updates, Skyline has become even more powerful and easier to use. The key highlights of these releases include:

VMware Skyline Collector 3.3:

  • Enhanced Secure Collector Deployment: The latest release features improvements in the secure deployment of the Skyline Collector, ensuring a smoother and more secure deployment experience.
  • New Proactive Findings: Skyline now provides proactive findings for NSX-T, vSAN, and Kubernetes to help you identify potential issues and optimize your environment.
  • Improved Findings Search Capabilities: Skyline now supports advanced filtering, search, and grouping of findings to help you quickly identify and address issues.

VMware Skyline Advisor 6.7:

  • Enhanced User Experience: The latest release includes a redesigned UI with improved navigation and usability.
  • New Interactive Findings Visualization: Skyline now provides a new interactive visualization of findings that helps you quickly understand the scope and impact of potential issues.
  • Customized Reports: Skyline now allows you to create customized reports and email them to key stakeholders.

These updates represent a significant step forward for Skyline, providing users with new and improved capabilities to optimize and secure their VMware environments.

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Boost Your VMware Environment with the Latest Skyline Collector 3.3 and Skyline Advisor 6.7
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