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vCloud Director 8.1 Cannot update VDC /Power-on vAPP / Edit VM Settings

Hello community members!

We would like to share our experience trying to resolve a problem with vCloud Director 8.10. The resolution took few weeks until VMware Support provided an action plan. Hope it helps!


– Unable to update any parameter of an  vOrg vDC
– Unable to power-on a vAPP
– Unable to Edit a VM settings


vCloud Director database shows non-existing resource pools being used by each Org vDC

vCloud Director logs shows the following entry:

| ERROR    | compute-fabric-activity-pool37 | AbstractVirtualResourcePool    | vrp test-01 (dff03763-9c0a-49d5-be0a-eb770754efbb):fe1871c9-5348-4a39-8f76-38d839dcad97 – Failed to retrieve info of resource pool [vcId=6b4070a6-30f8-44cc-9606-45e9fdd01ff6, moref=resgroup-3132]


– Stop the vCloud director services
– Connect to vCloud director SQL database server
– Right click and run query
– Run the following query: delete from vrp_rp where id=0x2116D432D6E14A2AB0AE755CA1FA538D
– Start the vCloud director cells and wait for the services to start

Make sure to backup vCloud Director Database and snapshot your vCD server if the query above doesn’t resolve your problem.

Author: Alicia Thompson

vCloud Director 8.1 Cannot update VDC /Power-on vAPP / Edit VM Settings
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