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VMworld 2021! Top 5 sessions for Cloud Providers. Register Free

VMworld 2021. Top 5 sessions for Cloud Providers.
Don't miss VMworld 2021! Our top 5 sessions for Cloud Providers.
By Baking Clouds

Exciting news! VMware VMworld 2021, one of the most important events of the year, takes place on October 7-8 and will be virtually and with the slogan “Imagine that”.
The ticket options are:
General Pass. Get access to the general session, solution keynotes, breakout sessions, demos, hands-on labs, interactive simulations, and more. FREE!!!
Tech + Pass, which includes general pass sessions plus enhanced technical offerings. Cost USD 299

With 600+ sessions, it’s hard to find the right ones, so we highly recommend you browse the catalog and look at the content so you can pick the most valuables for your business and interests.
If you work for service providers, we have selected five sessions that we consider the most attractive.

# 1 Redefining the Art of Possible with VMware Cloud [MCL2333]

If you are already using VMware Cloud Director or your journey just started. In that case, this session will help you how to utilize VMware vCloud Director and the software-defined data center, experience attributes such as consumption-based usage and billing, self-service management, and real-time provisioning as well as unique capabilities, including mixing and matching shared and dedicated tenancy seamlessly in a single environment.
This session will cover Terraform, which is used to run infrastructure as code and deploy resources in multi-cloud environments. Terraform vCloud Director provider enables administrators and DevOps engineers to define vCD infrastructure as code inside Terraform configuration files.

# 2 Manage Different Falvors of Kubernetes in cloud Director – Design Studio [UX2494]

Possibly your clients are already consuming containers or are planning to modernize their traditional applications; we consider this session an excellent opportunity to hear from VMware specialists talk about Kubernetes and its potential with Cloud Director.

#3 A Multi-Cloud Journey with VMware Cloud Director Service [MCL1799]

We know the speakers at this session very well. David Manconi and Urbano Criola stand out for having extensive experience in the service providers sector. There is no one better than them to talk about understanding the journey to build a multitenant, multi-cloud platform using VMware managed service offerings.

This is a not to be missed session to see what means to be an asset light cloud provider running latest products and owning zero hardware and datacenter. Imagine all the datacenter work you are saving being able to put all those resources on more valuable areas like innovation for your customers.

Don’t miss the session. We have been working with the presenters in the cloud providers space for a good number of years and for sure they have a lot to share.

#4 Consuming Advanced Load Balancer Services from Cloud Providers [NET1306]

VMware NSX Advanced Load Balancer provides multi-cloud load balancing, web application firewall, application analytics and container ingress services from the data center to the cloud.
If you are a Cloud Provider or work for one, in that case, you can’t miss this session! It will help you understand how to simplify the administration with centralized policies and operational consistency across on-premises data centers and public clouds, including VMware, OpenStack, AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud Platform.

# 5 Strategy and Vision to Accelerate Cloud Provider and MSP Growth [MCL2075]

With multiple challenges that service providers face daily, it is essential to understand the strategy and vision of the cloud and how to grow in a very competitive market.
Join this session and hear about the new technologies and solutions that enable providers to build hyperscaler-class clouds, new services, and how VMware is embracing the multi-cloud

And that concludes our top five session picks for VMworld 2021. We would love to hear what are your pick sessions!

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VMworld 2021! Top 5 sessions for Cloud Providers. Register Free
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