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Fix: vROPs Tenant App for vCD Failed to install updates error

Hello readers!! You might come across the following issue when trying to upgrade the vRealize Tenant App for vCD, there is no much information in the official documentation on how to troubleshoot this product, but no worries! this post will help you!


In our scenario, we are using the offline iso file vROps-Tenant-App-for-vCD- to update vROPs Tenant App for vCD from version 2.6 to 2.6.1
Once the iso file is mounted, new Updates validated the Install operation fails with the following error:

‘Failed to install updates(Error while running installation tests) on <Day>, <Year> <Month> <Date> <Time>’

In the VAMI logs /opt/vmware/var/log/vami/updatecli.log we observe an error after checking the space required for the installation

23/08/2021 20:52:04 [INFO] Starting Install
23/08/2021 20:52:04 [INFO] Update status: Starting Install
23/08/2021 20:52:04 [INFO] Update status: Running pre-install scripts
23/08/2021 20:52:04 [INFO] Running /opt/vmware/var/lib/vami/update/data/job/4/pre_install '' ''
Installing update from version to version
23/08/2021 20:52:05 [INFO] Update status: Done pre-install scripts
23/08/2021 20:52:05 [INFO] Update status: Running installation tests
23/08/2021 20:52:05 [INFO] Running /opt/vmware/var/lib/vami/update/data/job/4/test_command 
Verifying packages...
Preparing packages...
	installing package tenant-app-2.6.1-18326914.noarch needs 343MB on the / filesystem
23/08/2021 20:52:06 [ERROR] Failed with exit code 2048
23/08/2021 20:52:06 [INFO] Update status: Running post-install scripts
23/08/2021 20:52:06 [INFO] Running /opt/vmware/var/lib/vami/update/data/job/4/post_install '' '' 2
Failed with status of 2 while installing version
VM version is still
23/08/2021 20:52:06 [INFO] Update status: Done post-install scripts
23/08/2021 20:52:06 [INFO] Update status: Running VMware tools reconfiguration
23/08/2021 20:52:06 [INFO] Running /opt/vmware/share/vami/vami_reconfigure_tools 
vmware-toolbox-cmd is /bin/vmware-toolbox-cmd
vmtoolsd wrapper not required on this VM with systemd.
23/08/2021 20:52:07 [INFO] Update status: Done VMware tools reconfiguration
23/08/2021 20:52:07 [INFO] Update status: Error while running installation tests
23/08/2021 20:52:07 [ERROR] Failure: updatecli exiting abnormally
23/08/2021 20:52:07 [INFO] Install Finished


At your own risk!! If you are going to attempt this make sure you have the same symptoms, take a snapshot of your appliance. We highly recommend contacting VMware Support for further assistance.

Open a putty session and run:

docker image prune -a

WARNING! This will remove all images without at least one container associated                                                                                                to them.
Are you sure you want to continue? [y/N] y
Deleted Images:
untagged: vmware/vrops-vcd-tenant-app-plugin:2.6.0-18085772
untagged: vmware/vrops-vcd-tenant-app-plugin:2.6.0-17922919
deleted: sha256:b23bd4eb6a2d03f1b1a9eb21aa0b446d3dd211924b83dd9be1de8efdc9e17c33
deleted: sha256:c6dbed93ff5e6257712cf661030622f064a4f1122bb8de361486e5c82bffa233
deleted: sha256:ba4b47ac676632bfc7d16970147b8dc9397d2002f74a048001b063d1c2dd7a4z
deleted: sha256:b5d97cc0244f56dec72ed4ad96a26f3ff957032b686aa80ab72dc8b06cb065cu
deleted: sha256:fa2db19f1baf7c350c6d449cea06179e596288ef0b000d66d94e0646b954ef0f

Total reclaimed space: 1.13GB

This command will clear the space in Tenant App. Once it’s completed, re-attempt the installation


After updating the appliance we noticed the vcloud director plugin was not updated, so it was required to reconfigure it. Another issue appeared after doing it, the solution is documented in one of our posts “Fix: Unable to register plugin vRealize Operations Tenant App for VMware Cloud Director

We hope this post is useful. If you want more information, send us your comment using the button below.

Last updated: May 17, 2018
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Fix: vROPs Tenant App for vCD Failed to install updates error
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