VMworld 2021! Top sessions for NSX migration

Exciting news! VMware VMworld 2021, one of the most important events of the year, takes place on October 7-8 and will be virtually and with the slogan “Imagine that”.
The ticket options are:
General Pass. Get access to the general session, solution keynotes, breakout sessions, demos, hands-on labs, interactive simulations, and more. FREE!!!
Tech + Pass, which includes general pass sessions plus enhanced technical offerings. Cost USD 299

With 600+ sessions, it’s hard to find the right ones, so we highly recommend you browse the catalog and look at the content so you can pick the most valuables for your business and interests.

NSX-V is has been a great player but now is going to the bench of VMware history with NSX-T taking the full play in the networking and security space.

VMworld 2021 is fully pack with 254 sessions dedicated to scenarios before and after migration phases, NSX-T Day2 and lot more for your life with NSX-T.

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VMworld 2021! Top sessions for NSX migration.

I don’t remember seeing so many NSX sessions before but maybe is just me impressed with the number of sessions and topics.

Personally I am highly interested on sessions by Romain Decker, Staff II Technical Product Manager, VMware and Nicolas MICHEL, Technical Product Manager, VMware. The way they cover presentations is great in my opinion but there is no need to stop there with 254 sessions to cover everything on NSX.

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Below is a list of sessions we selected to support you on your NSX-V to NSX-T migration and post migration milestones.


NSX Data Center for vSphere to NSX-T Expert Panel: Sharing ExperiencesMigrating to VMware NSX-T Data Center (NSX-T) is top of mind for customers on VMware NSX Data Center for vSphere (NSX-V). In this expert panel session, we discuss how NSX-T delivers differentiated value across networking, security, and network operations and a technical deep dive and execution strategies for migrating from NSX Data Center for vSphere to NSX-T. We will discuss how to address migration complexities to get the full benefit of NSX-T while leveraging migration best practices and recommendations. VMware customers and migration experts on the panel bring insights on the migration options they considered, challenges faced, and their migration success stories. For more information, visit https://nsx.techzone.vmware.com/understand-automated-migration-nsx-t#v-to-t-expert-panel

Link: https://myevents.vmware.com/widget/vmware/vmworld2021/catalog?search=NET1208

Executing on the NSX-V to NSX-T Transition for VMware Cloud ProvidersLearn about the use cases for NSX-T as a VMware cloud provider. We will discuss how to architect for NSX-T in your VMware cloud and best practices for your transition plan as you migrate from NSX-V to NSX-T.

[NET1211]NSX Data Center for vSphere to NSX-T Data Center – Migration ApproachesWith the growing use cases of VMware NSX-T Data Center, migrating to NSX-T has become top of mind for VMware NSX Data Center for vSphere customers. This session is a deep dive on the migration coordinator, a fully supported DIY tool that’s built into NSX-T and enables multiple approaches to migrate based on customer requirements. Join us as we share the different strategies, approaches and customers’ experiences on migrating from NSX Data Center for vSphere to NSX-T Data Center.

[MCL1593]NSX Design and Operational Recommendations for VMware Cloud Foundation with TanzuDeploying NSX and implementing an NSX Edge Cluster are crucial prerequisite for enabling vSphere with Tanzu on VMware Cloud Foundation. This session provides an overview of the NSX design and deployment architecture, to include recommendations for deploying NSX Edge Clusters to support both virtual machine and Kubernetes container-based workloads running together on a self-managed VMware private cloud.

[MCL1095]Meet the Expert: NSX Data Center for vSphere to NSX-T Data Center for Cloud Providers with RomainJoin Romain Decker to learn about the different NSX-V to NSX-T migration scenarios and how the NSX Migration for Cloud Director tool can help you initiate and complete migration with minimum downtime. Take advantage of the new networking & security features in VMware Cloud Director, and join hundreds of other cloud providers who are making the transition to NSX-T.

[EDG2485]The Clock Is Ticking on NSX Data Center for vSphereDo you have a plan for building a successful migration to VMware NSX-T Data Center? Are you satisfied with your current VMware NSX Data Center for vSphere configuration? Or are there opportunities to optimize your data center? Now is the time to explore the proper migration path to put you in that refined state. This technical deep-dive session will explore many different aspects of migration. We will answer your questions around advanced security constructs and cloud native containerized application support. Join for a lively discussion of moving forward with the latest version of NSX-T Data Center.

[EDG2721]The Clock is Ticking on NSX Data Center for vSphereDo you have a plan? We will present migration path options for your next steps and answer your questions on building a successful migration to VMware NSX-T Data Center. If you currently are satisfied with your VMware NSX Data Center for vSphere configuration, the migration path can potentially be quite simple. If you see adjustments for improved networking, how can the proper migration path put you in that refined state? Maybe you heard about the enhanced security constructs that NSX-T has available? Is cloud native containerized application support required? Join us for a lively discussion of moving forward with the latest version of NSX-T Data Center.

[SEC1054]Troubleshooting and Operational Best Practices for the NSX FirewallVMware NSX-T Data Center Distributed Firewall and VMware NSX Distributed IDS/IPS provide security services in the kernel through the processing of rules and signatures intrinsically within the virtual networking infrastructure. So how does it work? We will show the inner workings of the distributed services from an architectural standpoint, but more importantly, the best implementation techniques, as well as troubleshooting tools for examining the effectiveness of the strategy deployed. We will show how to simplify the configuration of the centrally managed protection mechanisms, and greatly reduce the time and effort needed to put a tight security policy in place.

[SEC2225]Tech Tutorial: Operationalizing Internal Firewalling with NSX (Part 1)In part 1 of this workshop, we will cover how our customers can operationalize VMware NSX for security use cases, including: • Segmentation • Micro-segmentation • Extending security across bare metal, containers, and clouds • Security automation • Virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI)/end-user computing (EUC) • DMZ anywhere • Advanced threat prevention

[MCL2291]NSX at Scale – Lessons Learned from Mega-DeploymentsExperts who helped deploy VMware NSX-T for major U.S. banks will discuss challenges and solutions experienced by the field team using VMware Cloud Foundation with VMware NSX. The areas that will be covered span feature scalability, ecosystem compatibility, supportability, and Day 2 operations. This session will enable you to prepare for a long-term NSX-T commitment.

[NET1282]NSX-T Container NetworkingThis session will take a deep dive into various aspects of container networking integration with VMware NSX-T. Learn about the integration of NSX-T with Kubernetes/OpenShift environments, including automation, operations and visibility. This session is ideal for anyone looking for behind-the-scenes insight about the integration with NSX-T, installation workflows, and troubleshooting tips.

[NET2354]What’s New in NSX-TThis session will cover key features and enhancements in VMware NSX-T, including: • Prescriptive NSX install and consumption • Advanced network monitoring and troubleshooting • Multi-cluster policy enforcements across VMs and containers • Enhanced migration coordinator for V to T migrations • Tapless NTA, sandboxing, NDR and Elastic Gateway firewall • Distributed security without network changes and policy automation

[SEC2236]Tech Tutorial: Operationalizing Internal Firewalling with NSX (Part 2)In part 2 of this workshop, we will cover how our customers can operationalize VMware NSX for security use cases, including: • Segmentation • Micro-segmentation • Extending security across bare metal, containers, and clouds • Security automation • Virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI)/end-user computing (EUC) • DMZ anywhere • Advanced threat prevention

[NET2114]Lightboard Workshop to Enlighten Your Need to Move to NSX-TCome to this session for a dynamic presentation on the five use cases for migrating to VMware NSX-T: • Multi-platform and multi-cloud • Simplified ops and automation • A purpose-built internal firewall • Full-stack support for modern apps • NSX-T maximizes your ROI This session will enlighten your understanding of how NSX-T fulfills your use case needs, implements a fully software-defined infrastructure, secures your data center and cloud workloads, and adds extensibility of services without the painful physical infrastructure disruption of the past.

[NET1244]NSX Data Center for vSphere to NSX-T: Simon Fraser University Case StudyIn this session, see a presentation from an IT architect from Simon Fraser University and an expert from SPJ Solutions on VMware NSX Data Center for vSphere to VMware NSX-T migration. This session walks through the university’s NSX Data Center for vSphere environment in multiple geographical locations and the process followed to migrate all data centers to NSX-T with minimal disruption to the business. Learn about the current state, intermediate state, and final state architecture of the migration of business-critical apps using several migration approaches (lift and shift and bridging). This session also includes a demonstration of the university’s migration approach using the cITopus migration tool. Hear the challenges encountered in the production environment and the remediation plan implemented.

[NET1641]Desjardins Case Study: Realize the Value of Migrating from NSX Data Center for vSphere to NSX-TThis session will provide real-world experience of migrating from VMware NSX Data Center for vSphere to VMware NSX-T Data Center. With this migration, organizations will be able to leverage the latest and greatest innovations from NSX-T, including advanced threat protection, multi-cloud and modern app networking, simplified network and security consumption using a graphical user interface, API-driven automation, and easy disaster recovery implementation to enable business continuity.

[CODE2741]NSX-T and Infrastructure as CodeThis session will focus on NSX-T automation from installation to operations. It will allow you to deploy, test any infrastructure in a very short amount of time using infrastructure as code. We will use several tools to demonstrate that NSX-T supports a variety of automation framework. Ansible has an agentless imperative approach to deploy all the NSX-T infrastructure. On the other side, Terraform will build the networking constructs within the NSX-T infrastructure using a declarative approach. Finally, native API calls will be demonstrated to complete the automation tools portfolio. Workloads will also be deployed to verify the end to end connectivity.

List of selected VMworld 2021 NSX related sessions by Baking Clouds

If you think this list is missing some key sessions get in contact sharing your selected sessions to make list better.

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NSX author panel with VMware PM/TPM and SPJ – serie02

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VMworld 2021! Top sessions for NSX migration
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