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vCloud Director FLEX and HTML5 interfaces showing duplicates

Another day another issue reported by cloud customer saying that vApps in vCloud Director are reporting double of configured resources than VMs has allocated.

vApp_PROD03 is showing 1 VM but the Processors and RAM are double of the VM assigned – VM_PROD03

Customer reporting the issue while doing IaaS report

In this particular case it was happening with only 2 vApps in only one Org across all tenants.

vApp showing 4 vCPU and 32GB of RAM
VM showing 2 vCPU and 16GB of RAM

The issue is known by VMware; workaround is to update vCD. Check on release notes of your current vCloud Director version to know what release fix this issue.

Upgrading to higher version could be needed and also recommenced to not only fix known issues but also introduce new features.

Something to note is that release notes does not mention the duplicates issue for other resources rather than networks as per below but was confirmed with VMware support that applies also

In a multi-cluster environment backed by a Provider VDC, shared networks appear as duplicate networks​

When you configure a multi-cluster environment backed by a provider VDC and you navigate to the organization VDC networks, you see shared organization VDC networks as duplicate.

Part of VCD release notes
vCloud Director FLEX and HTML5 interfaces showing duplicates
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