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Work with VMware Cloud Director Advisories

Since version 10.2 Advisories are a great addition to communicate everyone a message after they login to VMware Cloud Director’s portal. This is known in vCenter Server as a message of the day and has been around a long time. The messages in vCloud can appear to system administrators, the users within an organization, or […]

Customizing VMware Cloud Director Portal

You may customize the logo and theme for your VMware Cloud Director Service Provider Admin Portal and each organization’s VMware Cloud Director Tenant Portal to meet your corporate branding and create a fully customized cloud experience. In this blog post, we are going to show you some easy API calls using Postman and share some […]

“Site name undefined” appears after VMware Cloud Director Upgrade to 10.2

We have recently updated vCloud Director from 10.1 to 10.2 and when we view Organization VDCs, the Site name is listed as: ‘ Site name undefined (Site ID: e228c64d-b92e-4c9f-9bf8-f5e8b2680309)’ To resolve this issue we followed VMware’s KB which describes the cause of the problem and how to fix it. Apply Fix using Postman Install […]

New in Cloud Director 10.2: Guided Tours

With the release of Cloud Director 10.2, VMware introduced new features (covered in previous post “VMware Cloud Director 10.2 interface enhancements“, one of them is “Guided Tours” Guided Tours is a great addition on this release to help administrators and users use wizards to discover vCloud Director interface. They can be exported as JSON, uploaded […]

VMware Cloud Director 10.2 interface enhancements

VMware Cloud Director 10.2 has been with us since October 15 2020 bringing new features In this post I cover UI Enhancements: Quick Search; Advisories; Certificate Management showing how will simplify and speed up some experiences VMware Cloud Director version 10.2 includes the following: NSX-T Advanced Functional Parity:  NSX Advanced Load Balancer (Avi), Distributed Firewall , VRF-lite, Cross VDC […]

Removing missing ESXi host from VMware Cloud Director

Working with VMware Cloud Director for traditional vSphere administrator teams could generate the need of doing a re-cap of how to perform maintenance of hosts. We have seen on different environments that engineers performing ESXi host patching, updates and other lifecycle management including adding and removing hosts they tent to miss checking the host health […]

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