Author: Guillermo Ramallo

Upgrading or Installing Veeam Service Provider Console v4 effortless

Veeam® Service Provider Console contains everything you need to stand up a Veeam-powered services business. Whether you’re looking to offer remote managed services for your customers’ on-premises environments or manage your multi-tenant Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), cloud backup or Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) offerings, Veeam Service Provider Console has you covered. Veeam Service […]

How to migrate Veeam Cloud Connect tenant files to new repository

Moving Veeam Cloud Connect files between repositories seems to be an easy straight forward task on fists thoughts specially if you have experience managing also a Veeam Backup and Replication solution. You may think ‘just evacuate the repository’ or ‘just copy the files and update the jobs’. Well if you are here is because you […]

How to get rsync and alike Linux tools in Windows

Hello world!! It’s been a good few days fully dedicated to technology, making projects progress with little time to complete my posts production but stay tuned for the ones coming. In this opportunity I will share quick info on how you can get tools that are common on every Linux distribution but missing on Windows […]

VeeamON 2020 FREE online June 17-18

This year the VeeamON 2020 will be online and free for everyone to attend. If you are customer or service provider for sure you will find interesting sessions on different topics You can register following this link The agenda is divided on these tracks. Full agenda on this link Architecture and Design Cloud-Powered Vision and […]

Microsoft takes a turn on Windows Package Manager

Package managers have been around long time for Windows OS and Microsoft decided to take a turn on this space finally to allow Windows users install applications easier and faster than traditionally downloading each application and installing one by one assuring a long party. I have seen so many MS Windows server and desktop versions […]

How to effortless delete 1000’s audit events in vCloud Director DB

During recent vCloud Director cell upgrades and database migrations it was noticed the size of DB increased drastically and the amount of time needed to migrate a DB from SQL Server database to PostgreSQL database specially during creation and data migration of TABLE “audit_event” Normally I let this process run unattended until it completes minutes later […]

How to use Bitnami Catalog for vCloud Director

Bitnami has been around for long time but in 2019 was acquired by VMware as part of their cloud and containers strategy. This was announced on the company website The interesting part is before VMware bought the Bitnami it was possible to deploy applications only on public clouds: Google, AWS and Azure and the […]

vCloud Director FLEX and HTML5 interfaces showing duplicates

Another day another issue reported by cloud customer saying that vApps in vCloud Director are reporting double of configured resources than VMs has allocated. vApp_PROD03 is showing 1 VM but the Processors and RAM are double of the VM assigned – VM_PROD03 Customer reporting the issue while doing IaaS report In this particular case it […]

How to upgrade firmware on Dell MXL switches

This post is dedicated on how to upgrade the firmware on your Dell MXL switches installed on Dell M1000e Chassis to fix known issues. First you need to login into Force10 and download the update using your customer credentials. The URL for that is Then have a read to release notes of update to […]

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